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Suppliers of used and/or reconditioned micrographic equipment

Microfilm is still widely used for long term retention and preservation applications but there has been substantial migration from micrographic to digital systems for active document management. This has resulted in the availability of a wide variety of used equipment, often in excellent condition. Hardware for microfilm often has only a few moving parts, machines are robustly constructed and the total standardisation of formats ensures that even quite old items are perfectly usable today. In this section we list known suppliers of used equipment who usually publish details of the items they currently have available on their websites.

Services offered by sponsors of this site


Head Office Location

The Crowley Company
Used/refurbished scanners: The Crowley Company, manufacturer of Wicks and Wilson, Mekel Technology, HF Processors and Extek Microsystem brands of digital and analogue capture equipment has a rotating variety of these brands and others including InoTec document scanners and Zeutschel overhead document and book scanners available worldwide.

For a full listing of current used stock visit this link.
Microfilm Shop
Film scanning, Post-filming operations including duplication and film testing. Repair and maintenance of micrographic equipment. COM recording. Microfilm destruction facilities, Suppliers of a wide range of micrographic hardware and materials. Hire & rental of scanners and micrographic hardware.
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Other facilities include:- Office document scanning. Large format scanning. Data hosting for digital data storage. Document printing and mailing services. Agent for wide range of document scanners and other DM hardware. Agent for software for scanner control, input management including data capture, EDMS, storage & retention including ERM and archive management.
Microfilm Shop



Other suppliers


Cull Micro Imaging

Used micrographic equipment including reconditioned hardware.


Icam Archive Systems
Planetary cameras, film processors, large format scanners and scanner/cameras, book cradles, quality control equipment including densitometers, used micrographic equipment.

McPherson Filing Solutions

Agent for Canon. Kodak and Solar micrographic equipment. Supplier of used equipment.


Microcopy Systems
Supply of new and used reader-printers and A3/A4 scanners.

Microform Imaging

Supplier of new and used equipment.


Scanning & Data Solutions Ltd 

Film scanning - all formats including combination jackets and data extraction from hollerith code on aperture cards. Microfilming, film processing and duplication - all formats. Secure destruction by shredding. Supplier of Film scanners by Minolta. Used and reconditioned microfilm equipment. Hire and rental of micrographic hardware.


Upton Services (Micrographics) Ltd

Microfilm duplicators and developers by Visitek. Agent for Kodak, Canon A3/A4 scanners etc.  Fully reconditioned microfilm equipment.


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