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Film scanners - for fiche, jackets and sheet film only

(See also Film scanners - universal)

Scanners for fiche and jackets
The data sheets in this section only relate to equipment specifically designed for the scanning and digitising of microfiche and/or jackets. Multi-purpose units are also available which can digitise other microformats in addition to fiche and jackets - they are covered by data sheets in our
Film Scanners - Universal section.

Products offered by sponsors of this site

Supplier: Staude  
Multi-Fly accessory
Input Accepted: Fiche & jackets      Film Reduction:  Dictated by microfilm scanner
Film Transport: Automated
Compatibility:  Can be fitted to most Canon and Minolta microfilm scanners 
Dimensions (mm) H  60   W  550     D  400    Weight  12.5kg
Description:  Replacement for normal fiche carrier. Recognises position of each frame on a fiche or jacket within 3 seconds.
Speed: Up to 1400 images/hour
Available from: Genus/Microfilm Shop

Supplier: Wicks and Wilson  
7720 and 7750 Scanstation
Input Accepted: Positive/negative, silver/vesicular/diazo, simplex/duplex, sheet/jacket, COM, AB Dick, portrait (cine)/landscape (comic). Also supports all aperture cards.
Film Reduction:
7.5X - 50X (variable)
Film Transport: Motorised
Output Formats: Bitonal:  TIFF (G3 or G4, single or multi-page), CALS PDF (single or multi-page)
Greyscale: JPEG, BMP,
JPEG 2000, RAW TIFF, PDF (single or multi-page)    
Scan Speed:
Up to 295 frames/minute depending on resolution, film type and model
Max Resolution: 100-600 dpi     Screen Size: PC monitor
Connector Type(s):  Dedicated PCI Express X1 interface card supplied (full height slot required).         
Dimensions & Weight: H  471    W  570     D  360     Weight  36kg
Description:  nVIDIA image processing and Scanfiche software included. Manual framing, cropping, rotation, automatic deskew, centring grid location and frame edge detection.  All normal row/column fiche formats up to 50X. Windows 7, 8 and 8X operating system.
Options Include:  256 level greyscale (7720 Model). PDF output format. Single fiche cartridges. Virtual Scanstation QA software. Jumbo fiche carrier.
Available from:
Wicks & Wilson and Genus/Microfilm Shop

Products offered by other suppliers

Supplier: SunRise    
Apollo & Apollo HS for Fiche
Input Accepted:  fiche & jackets including COM     Film Reduction: 7X - 72X zoom
Film Transport: Automatic frame shift
Output Formats:  TIFF, JPEG, PDF, LZW    Scan Speed: 200ppm standard, 380 on HS version
Resolution:  8160 pixel array
Connector Type(s): USB 2/3       
Dimensions & Weight: (Base unit) H  688mm    W  368mm     D  673mm     Weight  43.5kg
Description:  Integrated computer runs Windows 7. Simultaneous bitonal and greyscale scanning. Pos or neg input on silver, diazo or vesicular film. Auto exposure and gamma adjustment. Image rotation, mirror, crop, deskew and multiple scan .
Available from: Sunrise Imaging (EMEA) 
Supplier: Zeutschel 
OM 1500
Input Accepted: Microfiche & Jackets      Film Reduction: All fiche formats including COM, AB Dick & Microx, 16 or 35mm, pos or neg, diazo, vesicular or silver, cine or comic.
Film Reduction: 4X - 96X   Film Transport: Motorised
Output Formats:  TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PDF    
Scan Speed:
up to 200ppm at 48X
Max Resolution:  100 - 600 true optical dpi    
Screen Size:
PC monitor
Connector Type(s): 115/240V, 50/60 Hz AC, 800/W       
Dimensions & Weight: H  483mm    W  838mm     D  457mm     Weight  59kg
Description:  High-volume scanner with 8,152 pixel linear array CCD camera, handles most microfiche and jacket formats and aperture cards. Offers advanced image quality capture even from difficult input with many automated features.
Available from: Zeutschel UK  

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