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Comprehensive lists of UK microfilm service providers, microfilm hardware specifications and contact details.

We have recently added a chapter on the legality of microfilm as evidence and another covering sources of consumables. There is a totally independent guide for the novice which includes details of relevant BS and ISO micrographic standards. 
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Index to sections

1. Micrographic services
UK Companies offering microfilming, film scanning and related services  

Office document filming and duplicating    Book and delicate input filming 
Large format printout to A0+ size   Microfilm scanning services
On-site filming and/or film scanning   COM and other media conversion services
Certified destruction of documents & media   Secure storage of paper & film
Repair and maintenance services   Hire of micrographic equipment

2. Micrographic hardware
Specifications and prime UK sources

Film scanners for aperture cards   Film scanners for microfiche and jackets
Roll film scanners   Universal film scanners
COM recorders - digital to film   Planetary microfilm cameras
Rotary microfilm cameras   Microfilm processors
Microfilm duplicators   Microfilm splicers
Microfilm readers   Microfilm reader-printers
Microfilm inspection stations   Densitometers
Film cleaners   Microfilm cartridge loaders  
Hire/rental of micrographic equipment   Used and/or reconditioned equipment  

3. Microfilm supplies and accessories
Including film, chemicals, lamps and storage items.

Camera and COM film Duplicating film
Aperture cards & jackets Chemicals
Storage items Bulbs, Lamps &Toner

Addresses of UK suppliers

Contact details for UK suppliers of micrographic goods and services
Addresses, telephone and fax numbers, links to e-mail and web details, etc.

5. Legal status of microfilm

The use of microfilm in evidence in the UK


6. Guide & Standards

10 part introduction to modern micrographic systems

 An impartial guide for those who are not familiar with micrographics which

also contains details of about 60 standards which relate to the technology and use of microforms


7. Contact us

About G G Baker & Associates, submitting input, advertising, etc.
How to notify us of additions or amendments, advertising details and a brief history of G G Baker & Associates.


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